SUV and 4 × 4 cars: London increases the eco-road tax

The mayor of London continues his war on urban 4 × 4s and SUVs.

Indeed; Ken Livingstone announced on February 12 his intention to increase the urban toll for sports (SUV) and off-road (25 × 33) cars in London to 4 pounds (around 4 euros).

This tax is not new since since February 2003, drivers have to pay the sum of 8 pounds (approximately 11 euros) each time they enter the center of the English capital. This measure reduced the number of vehicles circulating in the center by around 70.

30 000 vehicles would be concerned by this new measure, which should be applied next October.

If this tax is, according to the figures, beneficial to the decongestion of the urban center, it may nevertheless seem discriminatory: the height of this tax is and will be all the more very important (but people traveling in SUVs can apparently afford it) . Many motorist associations must be at war with these kinds of measures. It would be a shame if ecology would pass for most people as a constraint and another reason for taxation and the reduction of individual freedoms ... The reverse would be much more interesting.

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Especially if the 4 × 4 and SUV have nothing to do in the city, they are only a small part of the problem and heating a single-family house generally consumes more than a large car over a year. the calculation for yourself you would be surprised!

So why not an eco-tax on new oil-fired boilers? Especially since in the case of heating, we can currently do without fossil fuel quite easily, which is far from being the case with cars!

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