Special CFLs

Energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs.

It is no longer necessary to present the interest in terms of electrical consumption of compact fluorescent bulbs. A downside nonetheless on the bulbs sold at "discount" prices (ikea, discounter…) which very often have reduced performance (light output) and a very limited lifespan. The overall econological impact of this kind of bulb is very uncertain.

It is therefore better to turn to compact fluorescent bulbs of good quality, performance and lifespan. This is the choice that we obviously made for our eco-friendly shop by choosing to work with Megaman bulbs (developed in collaboration with Philips).

Our range of Megaman bulbs

Here is a selection of very high quality light bulbs saving electricity of the special Megaman type compact fluorescent of German design.

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Their lifespan ranges from 10 000 to 15 000h and their power from 4W to 30W. They are available in the following sockets: E27 (big screw), E14 (small screw) and GU10 (spotlight and ceiling lights).

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They are of "warm color" (in 2700 ° K thus approaching the color of the incandescent bulbs of 2850 ° K), with exceptions (4000 ° K and 6500 ° K) for specific applications (the color temperature is then specified in the description).

Ingenium models are insensitive to repeated ON / OFF cycles.

Consult our guide of the choice of bulbs

All Megaman bulbs are RoHS certified

Examples of energy-saving bulbs that we offer (click for more information)

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