globalized agriculture: the model is to end, Olivier de Schutter

Extract (conclusion) from an interview published today in the world, at read here about the right to food in the world. By Olivier de Schutter (successor of Jean Ziegler).

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I believed in the omnipotence of the state, today I believe in the omnipotence of democracy. I no longer think that we should passively wait for governments to act on their own. There are too many blockages; the pressures exerted on them, too real; and the actors obstructing change, too powerful.

I believe that the transformation of food systems will take place through local initiatives. Everywhere I go in the world, I see citizens who are tired of being considered as consumers or voters and want to be real agents of change by seeking to invent more responsible ways of producing and consuming.

My final message to governments is the need to democratize food systems. This means that they must admit that they do not have all the solutions and that citizens must be given a great place in decision-making. Today I believe more in a transition imposed by initiatives from below than by regulations imposed from above.

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