Aeolian and local climate impact

Scientists have used the atmospheric model RAMS
(Regional Atmospheric Modeling System) to assess the impact that
could have a large number of wind turbines on the climate of the Grandes
Plains. Somnath Baidya Roy, Princeton University (New
Jersey), and his colleagues simulated the presence of a park of 10000
giant wind turbines with 50 blades concentrated on 9300
square kilometers in Northern Oklahoma. In this region there
at night there is a rapid wind which separates the cold and humid air near the
soil of that hot and dry in altitude. However, experience has established that
turbines, capturing this current cause turbulence in
their wake which causes vertical mixing of air masses.
And when the hot air reaches the surface, we get the same type
climate impact than that produced by deforestation at
large scale. For now, these results are still only
preliminary, but they underline the importance of seeking to
improve the rotors of wind turbines to reduce turbulence.

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NYT 02 / 11 / 04 (Catch the wind, the weather changes)

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