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7 original ideas around LED strip lighting

Much more than a simple lighting solution, light plays a decisive role in interior decoration. There are many different solutions to bring light to your home. And among them, the LED strips offer you the freedom to play with every corner of the house in order to sublimate its illumination. For that, discover 7 ideas to be absolutely realized with an LED strip! Follow the guide !

LED strips in the dressing room for automatic lighting

Specially designed for closed storage spaces, LED strips have the advantage of not releasing any heat. These small lights are then perfectly suited to enclosed spaces such as a wardrobe, closet or dressing room. You can place the adhesive LED strips directly in the upper part of your dressing room, on the sides or on the lower part. Beyond the lighting that the LED strips provide, it also highlights your clothes!

And for even more functionality, opt for models of LED strips that light up automatically each time you open your walk-in closet, such as the models sold on the silamp.fr site. This autonomy is an additional comfort which brings modernity and character to your storage space. Don't forget your drawers! Consider placing LED strips there to produce a chic and luxurious effect in your dressing room!

led dressing room

Designer LED strips along the corridor to illuminate your passage

In a house, the hallway is a place of passage. This room is also considered a place of transition between each of the rooms in your home. The brightness of your hallway can then be transformed into a real play of atmosphere that is both functional and reassuring.

By placing LED strips along the corridor, on the ground, you create a luminous path to move around serenely at night, without having to turn on a large dazzling light. It's pretty nice when you walk through the hall in a half-sleep! You can also place the LED strips along the entire length of your hallway ceiling to create a bright sky. Decoratively, it gives a good perspective in your hallway, giving it the illusion of being extended.

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Above a worktop for an illuminated kitchen

The kitchen is one of the centerpieces of the house. You spend many hours there to cook up small dishes, so it must be pleasant and comfortable. To provide a soft and warm light, the LED strip is the ideal compromise. Indeed, with the soft diffusion of light offered by the small LED lights arranged in a strip, you get moderate lighting, but just enough to cook in good conditions.

The idea is to fix light strips directly above the worktop. You can fix them on the lower part of your cupboards if your kitchen is equipped with them, or on the tiled floor for a bistro effect. In addition, some models of LED strips are waterproof and are therefore perfectly suited to the humidity of the kitchen.

Fix an LED strip above the headboard for a soft and comfortable light

The bedroom is the most private room in the house. It is in this room that you recharge your batteries by resting with a good book or just dreaming of silence. The brightness of the room is a sign of its softness.

And for that, the flexible and adaptable custom-made LED strips can be housed above your bed. You can arrange them directly above the headboard to give a backlight effect. It also allows your bedroom to bathe in a subdued and welcoming atmosphere. For a modern and minimalist style, you can also fix the LED strips on each side of your headboard, vertically. This brings a geometric result while providing you with sufficient soft light to rest your eyes in good conditions.

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Neon LED strips around a mirror for an even brighter effect!

The mirror is a decorative object in its own right. It reflects your daily life, whether it is placed in a bedroom, in the bathroom, in a living room or in the hallway. The daylight that your mirror reflects produces a play of light that illuminates the house. In the evening, you can continue to play with this light by adding LED strips around your mirror.

Above a piece of furniture to illuminate its value

For the interior decoration of your house, you have taken care to choose each object that composes it. If you want to highlight a particular piece of furniture, the LED strip solution is ideal! On the one hand because the light it provides is soft and discreet, and on the other hand, because LED lights consume little energy, which allows you to enjoy them for hours.

The enhancement of your furniture with LED strips is very simple. For example, placed below each of the shelves in your library, the LED strips judiciously highlight your books. Or, a neon LED strip fixed above a shelf shines light on your walls, which gives an effect of depth to your room.

The essential points to remember: brightness has a crucial role in your interior design. Both functional and essential, it especially brings a special atmosphere to your home and provides a feeling of warmth and conviviality. Thanks to the LED strips, you can now play with this fabulous decoration solution and bring your whole life to light!

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Lighting a greenhouse with an LED strip

A final original idea of ​​using an LED strip is greenhouse lighting. The advantages of using LED lighting in a greenhouse are numerous:

  • High durability and resistance to climatic conditions of LEDs, provided they are of good quality. A greenhouse can, in fact, go up to 45 or even 50 ° C in summer during heat waves and go down to -20 ° C during cold spells.
  • The chromatographic variations LEDs make it possible to make growth forcing lights in order to grow your plants 24/24
  • Low consumption and high efficiency, particularly interesting when used in growth forcing

However, it will be necessary to choose an LED strip that is protected at least in IP44 ie resistant to dust and splashes. Indeed, because in addition to the strong variations in temperature, a greenhouse is regularly watered and is often dusty.

led for greenhouse

In addition, in summer after watering, it can present a humidity level very important not far from saturation. LED strips and particularly electronic circuits must therefore be able to withstand these conditions.

Illustrative photos of an IP44 6400K LED strip, close to sunlight, installed in a greenhouse attached to a house. It replaced an old neon that had not withstood the climatic conditions of the greenhouse.

The yellow bar is a support for an old shelf that was removed to install the LED strip.

led reglette for greenhouse

led plant

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