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5 good reasons to install a heat pump in your home

Conventional heaters are highly polluting and uneconomical. These include those who use fuel oil. Thus, in this drive to fight against climate change that has been underway for a few years, it is recommended, even mandatory, to replace them. Moreover, most new houses no longer use them. For this purpose, one of the best alternatives is the heat pump. Through this article, discover 5 good reasons to install one in your home.

The heat pump is environmentally friendly

As mentioned above, the Pompe à chaleur is one of the best alternatives to replace traditional heaters which are polluting. Which means that she is rather ecological industrial printing process. Indeed, this type of device emits very little, if any, C02. The production of domestic hot water and that of heating are the basis of 15% of harmful gas emissions for the planet. Thus, preferring the heat pump to traditional means is a way of preserving the latter. The other important point that must be addressed with the heat pump is that it is made of recyclable elements.

The installation of a heat pump makes it possible to benefit from certain aids

To encourage the replacement of oil-fired boilers, the government has put in place several aids. First of all you have “My Prime Renov”. This was introduced to replace the “CITE (Tax Credit for Energy Transition), as well as the “Habiter Mieux” grants from the Agency for the improvement of housing.

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“Ma Prime Renov” is granted to modest and very modest households as soon as the renovation work is completed. Then you have “eco premium”. This is granted by energy suppliers within the framework of Energy Saving Certificates. In addition, you can also take advantage of " The eco ptz or eco loan at zero rate ». It allows you to receive up to €30 or more. Finally you have assistance from local and regional authorities. The most interesting thing is that you have the possibility of combining all these aids.

The heat pump is economical

According to a survey conducted by the government, households that heat with fuel oil spend an average of €3000 per year on heating. heatingBy adopting heat pumps, you can save up to 3⁄4 of the amount of your heating bills. Indeed, the COP (coefficient of performance) of most current pumps varies from 3 to 4. It should be noted that the COP measures the capacity of the device to produce energy in relation to the number of kilowatts it uses for its operation.

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The heat pump has a relatively affordable price

In addition to saving you money on your bills, the heat pump has a rather affordable price to purchase.. What is certain, it is not the most expensive renewable energy equipment. When you take the example of biomass boilers or hybrid wood and pellet boilers, to buy one, you have to plan for nearly 20000 €. On the other hand, for a heat pump, you do not spend as much. Nevertheless, prices vary from one heat pump to another. To this end, for a heat pump:

  • Air-air, it is necessary to plan less than 7000 €;
  • Air-water or ground-water, it is necessary to plan between 11000 € and 16000 €;
  • Geothermal, it is necessary to plan around 15000 €.

However, the cost can increase with the difficulties encountered during the installation of the capture system, when it is a geothermal installation.

The heat pump is easy to maintain

The last reason you should consider installing a heat pump is that it is easy to maintain. Indeed, when you take the case of a gas or fossil fuel boiler, it requires regular cleaning and adjustment. It is even a legal requirement. The latter recommends that they be carried out at least once a year.

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This law was introduced to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide asphyxiation. As for the maintenance of the heat pump, it is much less restrictive. You do not have to perform this cleaning if the amount of refrigerant does not exceed 2 kg.

There are therefore many reasons why it would be ideal to install a heat pump in your home. So, do not hesitate to do so to take advantage of all its advantages.

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1 comment on “5 good reasons to install a heat pump at home”

  1. In addition to the high investment cost of geothermal and ground-water heat pumps, you do not mention the main disadvantage of aerothermal heat pumps, which are much more accessible in terms of investment cost, the drop in COP depending on the temperature, so much so that for negative temperatures, this type of heat pump does not produce more heat than it consumes electricity! Which in a cold climate requires a supplement (electric heaters, wood stoves, etc.).
    This problem has been recurrent for decades, has prompted some manufacturers to offer hybrid heat pumps, combining in the same assembly a modern condensing boiler (gas and even oil, wood, etc.) with a lower power aerothermal unit used as long as the temperature allows (remains positive). This should also limit peaks in electricity consumption in very cold weather.
    This new type of heating is already promulgated in countries like the Netherlands, in addition to the heating networks which allow a multitude of types of heat sources in urban areas.

    I can share with you some recent studies that address this topic. on which thread forum can this kind of subject be discussed?

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