Five activities to have fun in the garden

On a daily basis, it is essential to detach from digital, tablets, television screens to rediscover the pleasures of activities in the garden or outside and games in the real world. Indeed, you can also have fun enjoying what nature offers and know a real ecological awakening, and for that, you just have to go to your garden! You should know that you can help preserve nature from an early age by playing with sustainable toys or by practicing fun activities that are simpler and more ecological than digital activities!

Are you looking for ideas to have fun and protect the environment at the same time? We have listed some ideas for planet-friendly activities to practice in your garden.

Have a little wooden hut built for you

If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, you can also take the opportunity to set up a small hut there. It is even a necessity to be able to have fun outside and enjoy the great outdoors! And when it comes to creating a cabin, there is no question of using plastic. The cabin, the real one, will be made of wood!

To do this, you can ask your parents to help you build a small wooden house with a real roof and walls! It is even better if you can stand there or at least sit so that you can play it at your ease. Your garden shed will be your secret base where only your friends who know your secret code can enter! And inside, you can hide your favorite toys or your books.

The good news is that even if your parents are not very handy, they can still set up a wooden cabin in the garden for you. Indeed, there are small houses sold as a kit in toy stores. You just have to mount them so that you can enjoy them.

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Don't forget to remind your parents that they can opt for has a wooden children's hut ecological which was designed with wood from a plantation or a sustainable management.

A garden's hut

Observe the insects and make them a small hotel

Explore nature and the little living things that inhabit it, starting with insects. You should know that these charming little beasts also have a role to play in our ecosystem. Bees, for example, actively participate in pollination and allow plants to flower, while earthworms are real little potential recyclers! It is thanks to them that biological waste is transformed into compost and then used as fertilizer to make plants grow faster.

Your garden is a real natural reserve for other insects: ladybugs, grasshoppers, caterpillars, spiders, ants, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.

To be able to observe them at leisure, you can even build or manufacture (with the help of an adult) an insect hotel. This small building is used to accommodate insects where they will be housed and fed by you. Far from being a prison, the insect hotel is also used to give nature a boost to proliferate useful insects. Besides, when your residents are numerous enough, you can always release them in their natural habitat!

Create your herbarium

It's not just insects that deserve to be seen in the wild. Plants are also worth a visit! And you can even combine discovery and play by creating your own herbarium !

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The herbarium is a small notebook in which you can record the names and the plants that you discover during your walks in nature. Don't just draw, pick up the leaves and flowers that litter the ground, flatten them in the pages of a thick book (like an old directory or a dictionary for example), then stick them in your notebook. In this way, you will always remember the name and the shape of the plants that you noted during your next walks.

Now that you know how to create a herbarium, don't forget to bring your small pruning shears and a small basket when you go out in the wild, and pick up the plants that interest you. Do not hesitate to ask your parents or the adults accompanying you for the names of the plants that you do not recognize, and always ask permission before picking or cutting !

Make your little one chemical-free vegetable patch

Since you are in your garden, you might as well take the opportunity to garden a little! And you can even combine business with pleasure by planting vegetables or other edible plants. To do this, you can ask your parents to create a small raised vegetable garden on which you can plant bean seeds, chives, cherry tomatoes, salads, etc. The advantage of the hanging vegetable patch is that it can be divided into sections and therefore, you can plant your vegetables separately.

With your own personal vegetable garden, you can have fun watering the plants, hoeing, weeding, removing weeds, and above all discover the pleasure of harvesting vegetables from your efforts! You can cook them or prepare them as a salad with mom and dad when they have grown well.

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children's vegetable garden

Play traditional games

There are games that can be perfectly fun without the need to turn on a screen or buy them in store! Indeed, you can perfectly have fun with the games that your parents or your big brothers and sisters played: hopscotch, swing, perched cat, hide and seek, locust, etc. In addition to being fun, these games are also a good way to spend yourself. It is important that you practice physical activity regularly and with these games, it's done while enjoying the great outdoors and the nature around you.

Nothing also prevents you from having fun with toys, but get into the habit of asking if the ones you choose are made from eco-friendly materials. The easiest way is to immediately select toys made by eco-friendly brands, which use wood, cardboard, organic cotton, etc.

If you have electronic toys, be sure to choose rechargeable batteries.

Finally, if one day you no longer use it, you can give them to an association, like that, no waste!

Do you have other ideas for fun and ecological activities for the garden? Share them with us and the other visitors in the comments below!

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