Download: Scenario Négawatt 2006, archive

Archive: Negawatt 2006 scenario, synthesis Since late 2002 the association has embarked on the development of a prospective scenario of energy transition on the 2050 horizon. Taking advantage of new data and greater experience, NEWWatt members updated this prospective scenario in 2005 and 2006. It was then supported by a number of proposals [...]

Download: Electric heating and peak power

Electrical heater and power point on the network, presentation by the Négawatt association Conference support presenting the issue of power tip: figures, history and applicable solutions ... More information: - Download the scenario Négawatt 2011- Debate on the scenario Negawatt 2011 Download file (an inscription to the Newsletter may be required): Heating [...]

Download: Scenario Négawatt 2011: Video conference

Negawatt 2011 Scenario Presentation Videoconference This new scenario serves several purposes: - to show that a so-called "developed" society can support itself by considerably reducing the use of fossil and nuclear energy. - to propose concrete measures enabling a real energy transition - to make a technical contribution to the debate on [...]

Download: Négawatt, thousands of jobs for energy savings

Download the summary of the socioeconomic study of the negaWatt scenario. Summary: Publication of the socio-economic study of the negaWatt 2011 scenario Eighteen months after the publication of its "2011-2050 energy scenario" and a little more than a year after the publication of its Manifesto, To make a new contribution to the National Transition Debate [...]