Chernobyl, human and environmental consequences

Review of the Chernobyl disaster by the New York Academy of Sciences, full text in English. 349 pages .pdf. 2010 Original title: "Chernobyl. Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment »Summary by P.Langlois:« According to a book published in 2010 by the New York Academy of Science and entitled «Chernobyl: Consequences of the [...]

human and economic assessment of the Chernobyl disaster by IAEA

Review of the Chernobyl disaster by the IAEA published in 2005 .pdf of 260 pages. Other sources report a balance sheet and figures quite different from those published by the IAEA, see links and extracts below. More: - Debate and information on the Chernobyl balance: global cost and human and health balance [...]

Download: Ytong Multipor, application tips and installation in cellars and ceilings

Xella YTONGMultipor: The system for insulating cellars and underground car parks. Application guide of the Multipor application in cellars, parking and ceilings. YtongMultipor, the powerful mineral insulation board. YtongMultipor combines: - High thermal insulation - Optimum fire safety - Good soundproofing - Simple implementation - Finishing function [...]

Download: Building and Renovating for the Future with Xella, 6 Insulation Examples

Presentation guide for solutions for Xella-saving constructions The document presents 6 insulation solutions using Xella products: Ytong, YtongMultiPor, Silka and Hebel. .pdf of 3 Mo. 24 pages. Read more: Download another guide Xella: a guide to sustainable construction with Xella Isoler with Xella Multipor: products and monitoring [...]

Download: Building Sustainable with Xella Ytong, Multipor and Silka

Building sustainably with Ytong, Silka and Multipor de Xella: low-energy, low-energy and passive houses Guide very well done on the energy-saving habitat edited by Xella, cellular concrete manufacturer (Ytong), silico-limestone blocks (Silka) and of cellular insulation blocks (Multipor). .pdf of 44 pages. Introduction: building sustainably: for what, what and [...]