Download: Energy and development without increasing the greenhouse effect

Energy and development without increasing the greenhouse effect: advocacy for the energy sector "Pure vegetable oil". By Yves LUBRANIÉCKI. August version 2009. To find out more: - Detailed presentation of the summary document on fuel oils - Visit our website forum biofuels- Download the old version (2005) of the document Download the file (an inscription to the Newsletter [...]

Download: Excitation Power of a Wind Turbine

Control of the excitation power of a wind turbine Materials and Renewable Energies Laboratory, Abu Bakr BELKAID University. Tlemcen, Algeria. Key words - Control, automatism, electricity, wind energy, wind, hybrid system, speed, networks. Summary - It is (more and more) more interesting to use renewable energy sources such as wind, oceans and water [...]

Download: Transforming an engine AC generator

How to transform a small engine into a generator? This document makes it possible to understand how it is possible to easily transform different types of motors into generators for applications in small renewable energies at home. Read more: Transforming an automotive alternator for a wind turbine Electric Forum Forum for self-construction and DIY Download the file (an inscription [...]