Le Grand Bluff appliances: false abuse reliability and sellers

How distribution and manufacturers are looking for maximum profitability on the backs of consumers. The big bluff of home appliances! Excerpts from February 2010's special envoy. To find out more: - Are we in a disposable society? - The industrial obsolescence, the history of a deception: facts and debate - Completeness of the report the Big Bluff of the household appliances [...]

Download: Live, thrive, consume! The video

Live, prosper, consume ...! A squeaky analysis of the evolution of consumer behavior. Released the 28 June on Arte. In the modern consumer society, the new and the beautiful are no longer enough: you have to possess (sometimes in several copies) the latest high-performance products. Purchases are no longer intended to answer [...]

Download: Electric motors: operation and technologies

Presentation of the different technologies of electric motors used by the industry and in domestic use at the private .pdf of 41 pages. Approximate technologies: Single-phase asynchronous motors: with phase-shift rings, with starting capacitor Motors with mechanical collectors: magnet excitation, wound excitation Synchronous machines: separate excitation, with fixed-frequency magnets, step-by-step [...]

Download: Solar Photovoltaic: Definition of MPPT

Definition and explanations on the MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracking This is an electronic assembly at the level of the regulator that makes it possible to get the most energy from a photovoltaic solar installation. If your PV installer does not know this definition: smoke! Learn more: forum photovoltaic solar electricity Download the file (an inscription to the Newsletter can [...]