France Green Plastic: plastic bio agrimaterials

Creation of a cluster of agromaterials for the plastics industry

The poles ofcompetitiveness Industries and Agro-Resources, Cereals Valley and Plastipolis signed at the Agriculture Fair (held in Paris in February and March 2010) a partnership agreement to create France Green Plastics, "the Cluster of Agromaterials for Plastics ". This cluster aims at the development and industrialization of [...]

Download: The hybrid car: Interest and technologies

Presentation of the hybrid car: interests and technologies. F.Badin, Inrets, June 2007, .pdf of 44 pages. IFP, Valeo, Ademe Subjects mentioned: - engine utilization range (optimum specific consumption), - interest and principle of hybridization, - series hybrid, - parallel hybrid, - parallel hybrid with power bypass (Prius type), - alternator-starter and booster effect (type Insight), - energy recovery at the [...]

Download: The carbon-free vehicle: problems and solutions

The carbon-free vehicle J.Beretta, PSA, 77 pages .pdf Arguments in favor of increasing the energy efficiency of vehicles and decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Summary: - The global climate and climate context - Automotive context - "Carbon-free" vehicles - Technological responses - Conclusions Find out more: - The car of the future - Forum on transport [...]