France Green Plastic: plastic bio agrimaterials

Creation of a Cluster of Agromaterials for Plastics The Industry and Agro-Resources, Céréales Vallée and Plastipolis competitiveness clusters signed a partnership agreement for the Agriculture fair (which was held in Paris in February and March 2010). create France Green Plastics, "the Cluster of Agromaterials for the Plastics Industry". This cluster has […]

Download: The hybrid car: Interest and technologies

Presentation of the hybrid car: interests and technologies. F.Badin, Inrets, June 2007, .pdf of 44 pages. IFP, Valeo, Ademe Subjects mentioned: - engine utilization range (optimum specific consumption), - interest and principle of hybridization, - series hybrid, - parallel hybrid, - parallel hybrid with power bypass (Prius type), - alternator-starter and booster effect (type Insight), - energy recovery at the [...]

Download: The carbon-free vehicle: problems and solutions

The carbon-free vehicle J.Beretta, PSA, 77 pages .pdf Arguments in favor of increasing the energy efficiency of vehicles and decreasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Summary: - The global climate and climate context - Automotive context - "Carbon-free" vehicles - Technological responses - Conclusions Find out more: - The car of the future - Forum on transport [...]

Download: Gasoline and Diesel Engine Efficiency Improvement

Paths for improving gasoline and diesel engine performance from 2010 by PSA, 40 pages .pdf, 5.2 Mo, published in 03 / 2009. Subjects mentioned: - power definitions and vehicle / engine torque (homologation point of view) - downsizing- definitions, comparison and improvement of gasoline and diesel engine performance (combustion efficiency, cycle efficiency and efficiency [...]