Download: Cogeneration in Ile-de-France

Cogeneration in Ile-de-France document of the DRIRE IDF. Ile-de-France, 1ère region generating electricity by cogeneration. More than 22 860 GWh of electricity were produced in 2002 in France, by cogeneration facilities. The Ile-de-France alone produced 3 936 GWh, or 17,2% of the national production, thus ranking 1ère producing region [...]

Download: External combustion engines

Presentation of external combustion engines: operation, realization and application. Conference support on engines with external heat input by Pascal STOUFFS, Laboratory of Thermal, Energy and Processes, University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour, France. Conference held as part of the 10e CNAM Conference Cycle SIA, March 2009. Summary - [...]

Download: Aerodynamics and parasitic drag

Aerodynamics and the origin of parasitic drag Ewald HUNSINGER - Michael OFFERLIN. Introduction In the context of a phenomenology of aerodynamics, specifically developed to put in its true place a science essentially experimental, we were led to examine in the first part of this study, the effects that could have on the flows, the phenomenon […]

Back on the Copenhagen conference

Back to Copenhagen by R.Guillet Rémi Guillet is an ECN Engineer (ex ENSM), he graduated in 1966. He is a doctor in energy mechanics from the Univ. H. Poincaré Nancy 1 (2002) and has a DEA Economie Paris 13 (2001) Debate and analysis: the non-summit of Copenhagen Fire 2009, and 2010 opens its "solar" cycle. [...]

Download: T21: Special rechargeable hybrid car, comparison with electricity, Mercedes F800 Style

Transport 21 number 9, February 2010, special Rechargeable Hydride: analyzes of the costs of electric cars VS hybrids rechargeable by NREL, Hybrid rechargable hybrid by Hyundai, Mercedès F800 Style ... All to know in a few minutes on the evolution of transport "cleaner" in a near future with 21 Transport! Pierre Langlois, a Quebec engineer, has been publishing since 2009 a mini-journal titled [...]