Eubionet 3, European network for the development of energy biomass

The European “biomass-energy” network continues via EUBIONET III After two first productive components (2002-2008), the European “biomass-energy” network continues through the EUBIONET III project. Financed mainly by the European Union, within the framework of the EIE program ("Intelligent Energy - Europe"), the project started in September 2008, for a duration of 3 years. [...]

Download: Nuclear and CO2

The CO2 emissions (hidden from the atom) 2009 article in .pdf of Some repeat it with the envi: with the nuclear, no emission of CO2. At a time when climate change is preparing to enter a decisive phase, here is a study that attempts to take stock of the issue. Knowing […]

Download: Asbestos health risk short fibers by Afsset

Short fibers and fine asbestos fibers Afsset opinionAn expert report published in February 2009. Consideration of the dimensional criterion for the characterization of health risks related to inhalation of asbestos. Re-evaluation of toxicological, metrological and epidemiological data in order to assess the health risks in the general and occupational populations. The mission of Afsset is [...]