Eubionet 3, European network for the development of energy biomass

European biomass energy network continues via EUBIONET III

After twoproductive sectors (2002-2008), the European biomass energy network is continuing through the EUBIONET III project. Funded mainly by the European Union, as part of the EIE program ("Intelligent Energy - Europe"), the project began in September 2008, for a period of 3 years. Coordinated by VTT Processes, Center [...]

Roasting boosts the energy of biofuels

Biofuels produced by roasting

Roasting, the process usedTo roast the coffee beans could increase the energy content of the main British energy crops by up to 20%. Indeed, scientists from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at the University of Leeds have been studying the behavior during the burning, after roasting, of cultivated plants [...]

Download: Nuclear and CO2

The CO2 emissions (hidden from the atom) 2009 article in .pdf of Some repeat it with the envi: with the nuclear, no emission of CO2. At a time when climate change is preparing to enter a decisive phase, here is a study that attempts to take stock of the issue. Knowing […]