2010, carbon or econological year?

Rather than you want a classic "BABS" (automatically desired), Econologie.com informs you of the mailing of Jean Marc Jancovici sent this morning January 4th.

This mainly concerns the failure of Copenhagen and the annulment of the CEC which you can debate here

But instead of being sadly carbonic, the year 2010 could also be joyfully econological, the creation of the econology association certainly contributing, notice to interested!

Dear friends, enemies (alas, he must drag a few here), and all bipeds of reading age who will come across these few lines,

We were hot, but fortunately the disaster was narrowly avoided: it really came close to 2010 being placed under the sign of a mortal boredom. So think: if Copenhagen had ended "well", with Obama kissing Jintao on the mouth while Lula and Sarkozy danced the polka behind with large signs "yes we did it", if the Constitutional Council had endorsed the carbon tax in our country by simply urging to increase the rate and the base as quickly as possible (but that was perhaps a lot to ask of "wise men" who will all be dead soon, wonders the imitation Baffie on duty? ), what could the Friends of Carbon have done to take care of this year? Nothing ! Nada! Bernique! Zebu skin! Our friends at the UN have therefore handled the matter very well, keeping a little suspense for 2010, starting with the fact that by the end of January all countries will have to hand in their copy, explaining what they are doing. give as a work program.

London bookmakers are rubbing their hands in the face of the influx of bets to come…

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Therefore you will necessarily agree with me: at the level where unemployment is already at, no need to add more by "laying off" the few thousand olibrius who are now agitating around the carbon footprint and of his little cousins. Imagine that the Ademe, believing to create the jobs of tomorrow, especially created the unemployed of tomorrow, suddenly we were badly ...

Then come our friends from the Constitutional Council who decided that the carbon tax should also apply to industrial sites which are in the European quota system. When we know that these quotas will not be paid for before 2013, does that mean that the carbon tax will have to wait until 2013 to apply? Hopefully not, because what our friends in the Council and our friends in Copenhagen tend to forget is that the carbon tax, in a country that imports 99% of its oil and 97% of its gas (I'm talking about France, obviously), will have the first effect of preventing us from reliving the year 2009 every year, by gradually getting out of a dependence on hydrocarbons which risks doing us very badly before the climate changes significantly. ...

In short, the very good news at the beginning of January 2010 is that on the carbon issue, almost everything remains to be done, and I am not even talking about France Info which, at the time of which I am typing this message, grants more in Paris-Dakar than at the peak of oil production on its antenna. With -3 ° C in Paris planned for tomorrow, we will even be able to start fighting again against Allègre, because I am impatiently waiting for him to explain that the very existence of winters proves that the world cannot warm up! (the animal is not afraid of anything, I assure you, this is still valid ).

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Obviously, some sorrowful spirits will not fail to point out that these little chills which embellish the daily life are likely to be bought a little expensive, and that, as an English columnist of the Guardian, George Monbiot put it so well, to roll up our sleeves “we are borrowing time at punishing rates”. Sorrowful spirits (always the same, they can refill several times) will then point out that the prediction of the apocalypse for tomorrow, there is enough, because from the Club of Rome we are entitled to it every day without the Heaven has fallen on our heads.

Let's see things in a positive way (anyway, can optimism be controlled?), we are certainly about to live a year - and a decade - which, at the very least, will prepare events that will not put children to sleep for what is left of history lessons in 2050. So, she is. not good life? So I have only good reason to wish you, for these 8760 hours (less the few that you have already used), joy, happiness, and all the hoopla that goes with it. Forza!

And then I obviously take this word to thank all those who have drawn faster than me for the promise of magical moments for this year, and to thank in anticipation those who will do it later, if I forget to do it correctly. moment !

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Kind regards to all

Jean-Marc Jancovici

Links and references:

- what to expect from Copenhagen? (before negotiations)
- what about Copenhagen? (during the negotiations)
- what to conclude from Copenhagen? (after the negotiations)
- a small (well small ...) explanation of texts on the theme " what is the price of CO2 ? », Which recalls that there is a climate component, but also a component Abdallah Poutine Chavez Ahmadinejad and others ...
- a small column published in Le Figaro before the government decision on the relevance of this tax contribution
- a small reaction after the decision of the Constitutional Council
- a small forum which recalled even before the decision of the Constitutional Council that the latter saw only one aspect of the affair by forgetting the oil in its expectations
- finally for those who are lazy to read (oh I understand them!) A very short - therefore very bad - summary of the above in 2 minutes chrono, format imposed on the radio !

Debate the cancellation of the CCE carbon tax on forums

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