Download: Biolubricants on Walloon waterways

Use of biolubricants on the electromechanical equipment of hydraulic engineering works of the Walloon Waterways â € "Return of experience and prospects Public service of Wallonia, by Ir Olivier BRIBOSIA (SPW-DGO 2) Conference stand in the 5ieme Biomass Biomass Meetings on Biolubricants organized by Valbiom Learn more about: Lubrication [...]

Download: Chainsaw biodegradable greases and oils

Tests and developments of biodegradable oils for chain saw chains in collaboration with BURGO ARDENNES by Vincent Blackman. Examples of tests conducted on biodegradable oils in comparison with mineral oils from petrochemicals. Evaluation criteria: 1 °) Test conditions: - Ambient temperature - Type of work: felling, cutting, delimbing ... - Wood quality: soft, [...]

Download: Oleochemistry and biolubricants from Mosselman

Oleochemistry and biolubricants by Christian Pinon de Mosselman. Summary: â € "Oleochemistryâ €" Raw materials and animal productsâ € "Main processes of transformationâ €" Added technical valueâ € "Value added to © economic: example of TMPTOâ € "Factors influencing costsâ €" Oleochemistry, factors of developmentâ € "Oleochemistry in the worldâ €" Oleochemistry in Europe and Belgium Support conference in the card of 5ieme Rencontres [...]

Download: Ibiolab, presentation of the biolubricant program of Europe

Biolubricants and the environment: the vegetable solution: presentation of the Ibiolab program by Carine ALFOS, coordinator of the IBIOLAB Project, project manager Lipochemistry Technology Lubricants in Europe in a few lines: â € "European consumption of lubricants: 5 millions of tons in 2001â € "More than 95% of the market = lubricants based on mineral oilsâ €" 30% of lubricants finish [...]

Download: Functions of Lubricants and Lubrication

Functionality of lubricants by C. Vanespen. Presentation on the interest of the lubrication and the lubrication consisting, emptying, to reduce the phenomenon of friction. Conference stand in the card of 5ieme Biomass Meetings on Biolubricants organized by Valbiom To find out more: lubrication and lubrication of vegetable origin Download the file (an inscription to ... ]