Download: Pulsating 20 and 40, pulsating gas boiler

Auer Pulse Boiler Presentation Datasheet How does it work? The innovation of the Pulsatoire boiler introduces a real technological revolution in the world of gas boilers. More economical, more respectful of the environment, easier to use and installation, this boiler with pulsating combustion opens a new era in the control of domestic energy and [...]

Download: Driving without oil video interview with Pierre Langlois

Rolling without oil, synthetic video interview by Pierre Langlois P. Langlois is Ph.D, author of the book "Roll without oil" in which Econology is quoted. To find out more: excerpts from Pierre Langlois 'book and Pierre Langlois' research results. Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Roll without oil, [...]

Download: The banking crisis is not resolved 2008, France Inter

France Inter, November 26 2009. The banking crisis. Nicolas Demorand receives in the 7 / 10 from France Inter, Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, president of the Circle of Economists, professor at the University Paris-Dauphine and by telephone, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, president of the OFCE, professor at Science- Po (08h20 - 26 November 2009). The banking crisis is not solved despite the intervention of the States which, [...]

Download: Second Generation Cellulosic Bioethanol: Limiting Factors

Second generation bioethanol: the limiting factors What are the main physicochemical problems and biological resistance to bioethanol production of lignocellulosic origin? By Philippe Thonart, I. Didderen, V. Lechien, S. Hiligsmann, J. Destain, L. Beckers, J. Masset, C. Hamilton. University of Liège ⠀ "Gembloux AgroBioTechWalloon Center for Industrial Biology Conference held within the framework of [...]

Download: Futurol Project Procethol 2G: research and development of 2th generation bioethanol

Futurol project by Procethol 2G, research and development of bioethanol of 2ieme generation Conference held in the context of 6ieme Biomass Meetings organized by Valbiom To find out more: 6ieme Rencontres de la biomass, biofuel of 2ieme generation. Bio-refining of lignocellulosic materials Download the file (an inscription to the Newsletter may be required): [...]