Pulsating Auer, pulsating gas condensing boiler

Videos showing the Pulse of Auer, a gas boiler inspired by the Pulso Reactor in aeronautics (in particular used by the flying bomb V1) How does it work? The innovation of the Pulsatoire boiler introduces a real technological revolution in the world of gas boilers. More economical, more environmentally friendly, easier to use and install, this combustion boiler [...]

Download: Energy, heating, insulation and DPE: beware of scams and lies!

Video denouncing the problems of energy "scams" especially since the introduction of distorted DPE Energy Performance Diagnostics (DPE), energy bills underrated, poor workmanship in a heating site ... etc etc ... Examples of potential problems related to energy housing does not work. Here are some quick examples on video! Learn more: scams with ecology [...]

Download: Car at 1L at 100km

Cars at 1L / 100km are technically and economically feasible by the manufacturers, but why there are none in the catalogs? Answer in pictures by Jean Marc Jancovici in the show: "Tonight or never October 21 2009". More: debate "Tonight or never" with Jean-Marc Jancovici against Claude Allègre Download [...]

Download: Project Laigret: study of the transformation through direct way of organic residues in oil by fermentation of anaerobic bacteria

Study of Direct Transformation of Organic Residues into Petroleum by Fermentation of Anaerobic Bacteria by ESAIP Engineer Students, 2009. Cavalier Grégory, Journoud Bertrand and Zozor Klara Project realized within the framework of the Laigret Project launched by Econologie. Introduction Since the 1920 years, in anticipation of a depletion of oil, [...]