Download: solar oven cooker Scheffler, detailed plans for manufacturing

Manual construction of a 2m2 Scheffler solar cooker reflector. Cooking with the sun will give you pleasure! By Daniel Philippen, Adrian Konrad, Benjamin Leimgruber. With the help of Wolfgang Scheffler, Heike Hoedt (Solare Brücke) This document from 56 pages explains, step by step, how to make a solar cooker by parabolic concentration of [...]

Download: Sunny Boy SMA Inverter 1100-1700

SMA Sunny Boy 1100 / 1700, the compact inverters The Sunny Boy 1100 and the Sunny Boy 1700 complete our range of medium power inverters and offer many configuration possibilities with the majority of photovoltaic modules. These inverters benefit from an extended input voltage range up to 400 V, ideal for generators [...]

Download: SMA Sunny Boy 2500-3000 Photovoltaic Inverter

Sunny Boy SMA Solar Inverter Features SB2500 and SB3000 Sunny Boys of the 2500 and 3000 type are the most popular photovoltaic inverters today. They guarantee excellent energy performance. Their extremely robust design and innovative electronics (internal decoupling protection according to the latest DIN VDE 0126 1.1 standard) are ideal for [...]