Download: Introduction to HCCI and CAI engines

Introduction to HCCI and CAI August 2008 combustion engines. Olivier Salelles, CIFA Leonardo da Vinci Montpellier The HCCI and CAI engines operate with a compression ratio that leads to the spontaneous ignition of the entire mixture. This results in a so-called "cold" combustion in the chamber that produces virtually no soot or NOx. [...]

Download: Inertial Alternator for Electric Combat Vehicle

High overload inertial alternator for electric combat vehicles M. Martinez, J.-Y. MidyTHALES AES Company - 41 bd of the Republic 78400 CHATOU FRANCE Abstract The company THALES AES studied, under contract DGA and in collaboration with other companies , an electrical generation system capable of delivering a significant overload for ten seconds. [...]