The econo TV: green channel video sharing

The EconoTV: share your “eco-friendly” videos Ecology, heating, home, energy, environment, transport, waste, globalization, GMOs… Here are some of the subjects covered by our TV “channel”. The name “TV channel” is a bit exaggerated, it is actually a simple “group” that we created on Dailymotion: the group This group was created […]

Mini Central solar Stirling in Odeillo

An experimental micro solar power plant in Odeillo An eight-meter-diameter parabolic mirror associated with a motor transforming heat into mechanical energy since 2004 in Odeillo. A 10 kW electro-solar mini-generator based on a Stirling cycle and powered by a solar parabola has been subjected since the end of June 2004 to the experiments of researchers […]

Solar irradiation card DNI from France

Sunshine map established by satellite measurement of real infrared irradiation on the ground Source: Ecole des Mines / Armines Each map below represents the direct component of the monthly irradiation received on a map always facing the sun for the year 2006, expressed in kWh / m². There is one card per month as well as a card for irradiation […]

Download: Vortex Solar Tower, ProGird Evaluation

Progird evaluation of Vortex solar towers by the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Study proposed by Louis Michaud. ProGird is a multicriterion method for economico-scientific evaluation of a technological solution. Evaluation Summary The ProGrid Evaluation was coordinated by Dr. Clem Bowman recent winner of the 2008 Global International Energy Prize. Eight individuals experienced in the energy field [...]

solar tower vortex: Operating

The solar vacuum tower: scientific and technical aspects by François MAUGIS, Association Energie Environnement. (according to the elements supplied by the company SUMATEL) 1. Introduction The operating principle of the vacuum tower of the French professor Edgard NAZARE which he had baptized "vortex tower" or "aerothermal power plant" (to be compared to “Atmospheric Vortex Engine” […]