Download: EcoCités, approach by Jean Louis Borloo

EcoCités: the desire of the French State to develop "new towns", more respectful of the environment following the Grenelle de l'Environnement The need to undertake, in certain urban areas, a quantitative and qualitative construction effort aimed at enabling the emergence of cities or pieces of truly sustainable cities has been recognized on several occasions: - the participants [...]

Download: Ecoquartier, contest the Grenelle Environment

Ecoquartier: call for applications 2008-2009 by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning. The Grenelle de l'Environnement has confirmed the expectation of the French company that local solutions for sustainable development, at the neighborhood level, be identified and implemented. The conclusions of the final round table [...]

Download: nuclear energy, uranium mining in France

French Inventory of Uranium Mine Sites 2 version, September 2007. Developed in the context of the Memory and Impact of UrAniUm Mines program: Synthesis and Archives The development of the uranium industry dates from the aftermath of the Second World War, with the creation of the 18 October 1945, from the French Commissariat Atomic Energy (CEA). This […]