Agrofuels and environment

Ministerial summary document on the impact of agrofuels on the environment French Republic, December 2008. Introduction by Yvon LE MAHO, Director of Research CNRS, Member of the Academy of Sciences, President of the Scientific Council of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity In its law of agricultural orientation of January 2006, the French government set for new objective [ ...]

Installation, maintenance and use of a wood boiler Buderus

Installation, maintenance and use of a Buderus wood boiler. Installation and maintenance instructions for the proper use and maintenance of a Buderus wood boiler. How to clean your wood boiler? How to avoid boring and tarring? How to limit condensation? Some answers are present in this manual edited by Buderus. Notes: This leaflet contains important information [...]

Energy saving: calculate the profitability of economic bulbs and CO2 in flash

In partnership with the website, we have developed a flash version, very accessible, our econological comparator of economic bulbs (compact fluorescent or leds) available since a few months in the form of an excel file to download. This comparator calculator of economic bulbs makes it possible to estimate the economical profitability and on the CO2 of the use of one or more ampoules [...]

Year 2009, year of change, pivot year?

Given the context, I would have a hard time wishing you a hypocrite "prosperous and happy new year 2009", as we have already had to wish you, anyway, dozens of times ... Barack Obama said yesterday in his inauguration speech: the economic situation is severe (without being catastrophic) and the decline of the American empire, [...]

Download: Report Syrota, the car in public 2030

Syrota report: perspectives on the "general public" vehicle by 2030 by Jean SYROTA. Coordinator: Philippe HIRTZMAN (General Council of Mines) .Rapporteurs: Romain BEAUME (Polytechnic School) Jean-Loup LOYER (Center for Strategic Analysis) Hervé POULIQUEN (Center for Strategic Analysis) Denise RAVET (Center for Strategic Analysis) Philippe ROSSINOT (Center d'analyze stratégique) Introduction This mission originated in a request from the Minister of [...]