Download: Required to collect cooking oil, Valorfrit map

Required recovery of used cooking oils and fats (HGFU) in Wallonia, Belgium.Version of April 2007 by the MRW - Directorate General of Natural Resources and Environment (DGRNE). 1 Summary. CONTEXTE2. LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE2.1. Decree of 27 June 1996 relating to waste2.2. 2.3 Execution Orders. Environmental Permit Decree and 2.4 Orders. Regulation [...]

Download: cogeneration in crude vegetable oil

How to Make a Simple Cogeneration-Based Recovery Car Engine -PSA XUD-? General presentation. Article for farmers or individuals wishing to self-generate their energy. Written by a farmer for the association Agriculture Rouvelable Energie. Contact them for more information. Links to find out more: - Follow-up of a cogeneration project in oil [...]