Download: Required to collect cooking oil, Valorfrit map

Required recovery of used cooking oils and fats (HGFU) in Wallonia, Belgium.Version of April 2007 by the MRW - Directorate General of Natural Resources and Environment (DGRNE). 1 Summary. CONTEXTE2. LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK OF REFERENCE2.1. Decree of 27 June 1996 relating to waste2.2. 2.3 Execution Orders. Environmental Permit Decree and 2.4 Orders. Regulation [...]

Download: cogeneration in crude vegetable oil

How to Make a Simple Cogeneration-Based Recovery Car Engine -PSA XUD-? General presentation. Article for farmers or individuals wishing to self-generate their energy. Written by a farmer for the association Agriculture Rouvelable Energie. Contact them for more information. Links to find out more: - Follow-up of a cogeneration project in oil [...]

Micro-CHP easy to vegetable oil

How to make a simple cogeneration based on recovery car engine -PSA XUD- Article intended for farmers or individuals wishing to self produce their energy. Written by a farmer for the Agriculture Renouvelable Energie association The Agriculture Renouvelable Energie association (51). This association aims to gather information on the production and use of energy in […]

The death of Jean Luc Perrier

Information on the death of Jean Luc Perrier, exceptional independent researcher in solar energy during the 70s Brief summary of the work of JL Perrier He worked in the solar sector and in particular the solar concentration in order to make solar hydrogen. He had managed to run a self-produced solar hydrogen car in […]

Download: How to Make a Jumping Stirling Engine

How to make a small jumping stirling engine? by Gilles Charles, University of Orleans. Below you will find a demonstrative video of a jumping stirling engine mount. Abstract This article presents the realization of a small Stirling engine quite simple to manufacture, and working on the principle of a maintained oscillator. This engine makes it possible to illustrate very clearly the transformations [...]