Green dictatorship against consumer dictatorships

Last week, AFP published a dispatch which is the introduction. "Ecological dictatorship" or courageous gesture for the environment? The inhabitants of Marburg (West) will in the future be obliged under penalty of fine to equip themselves with solar panels, an experiment that is debated in Germany. Friday, the city council of this university town of some 80.000 inhabitants, [...]

Download: Energy: energy bill in France

Energy bill of France in 2005. Source: Directorate-General for Energy and Raw Materials Energy Observatory. DGEMP / OE / LM The energy bill continues its surge (+ 34,7% to 38,26 Md €) and exceeds the level of the first oil shock. At 38,26 billion euros (bn €) in 2005, the energy bill of France continues its surge: [...]