Download: Fluidyne, thermodynamic pumping

Video of a Fluidyne thermodynamic pump Video is experimental with a torch but it is possible to use the sun to create the hot spring and it is even more than recommended (development in hot countries). Learn more, plans and principle: solar pumping by Fluidyne Download file (an inscription to the Newsletter can be [...]

Download: Electric tiller

Video of a thermal tiller turned into an electric tiller by a member of forums Learn more and discuss with the inventor: manufacture an electric tiller Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Electric tiller

Download: Gray Energy Pellets or wood pellets

Gray energy of pellets Synthetic document on the energy distribution of pellet processing and comparative with other fuels (logs, shredded wood, natural gas, oil and propane-butane). More information: comparison of types of heating Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): gray energy pellets or pellets

Download: Method of making biodiesel or diester

Synthesis of biodiesel by transesterification or how to make your own diester Summary 1. Généralités2. Chemical equation of the transesterification reaction3. Biodiesel synthesis protocol at the4 laboratory. Determination of the physical characteristics of synthesized biodiesel 1. General Transesterification is the classic technique for producing biodiesel. It is a process in which vegetable oils, [...]

Download: The dictatorship of the unique thought, documentary

Documentary of 52 minutes which gathers the main themes of the unique thought: - the dictatorship of Brussels, - the imposition of the American model, - the excesses of the Communautarism, - the non-Debate of the politically correct one, - the Delinquency of the ghettos, - the failure of the Press (free?), - the censored Democracy, - ... and especially the Infernal Mechanisms of the Unique Thought. See the [...]