The hydraulic ram pump ecological and economic

The ram still fraped

Article published in Sciences et Avenir in November2003. By David Larousserie.

Some enthusiasts have forgotten this ingenious machine born with the Republic, in 1792. She could even have a good day, because she works nonstop without energy.

The hydraulic ram is not dead. This water pump system, invented more than two [...]

Download: IFP Experimental Engine

Report of practical work in engineering school - ENSAIS - on an experimental engine with variable parameters. Purpose of the TP The purpose of this TP is to highlight the influence on the behavior of a thermal engine of 3 parameters of fundamental settings: -the richessee, -the advance to the ignition, -the rate of compression. The tests are done well [...]

Download: Engine test bench, realization study

Realization of an engine test bench. Technological Research Project, ENSAIS 2001, J.Vilquin. Study context. Following the final project of Vincent GORISSE on the implementation of a test bench motor climatherm laboratory, my goal is to install this test bench with everything it entails ie : - controls outside the enclosure of [...]