La Belle Verte, a film to discover

Quite unknown, this film 1996 is very interesting and allows a fresh look at our society hyper-individualism and hyper-consumption. With Coline Serreau, Vincent Lindon, Marion Cotillard for leading actors, this film is a real moment of relaxation, to see as a fable ... Unfortunately it seems that it is difficult to find on DVD. Knowing […]

Download: Lighting and computers: office energy consumption reduction

Information technology and lighting: measures to reduce energy consumption under the Enertech Eco-Energy Plan for ADEME. Keywords: office, computer, lighting, energy, consumption, audit, reduction, measurement ... Measures and decisions to reduce energy consumption in offices. It is a very good report on the consumptions related to computing (peripherals, pc, [...]

The econology site on Google Actu has been selected to appear in Google News. So, since the 19 February 2008, some news, articles and downloads appear in Google News. This selection is a clear sign of maturity for the site and reflects the quality of its content. Example of indexing with the word Pellets. See the different information of the site which [...]

Download: Pellets and wood energy: technology and global environmental assessment by the SFOE

Wood pellets and pellet heating systems Document in German and French by Thomas Nussbaumer, privat-docent, engineer-engineer dipl. EPF, Verenum, Langmauerstrasse 109, CH-8006 Zurich. This document has been produced with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE. It is a synthetic and very complete document on this new energy. 1 Summary Why [...]

Pellet combustion, analysis and comparison with other energy sources

Comparative analysis of emissions and pollution of wood pellets in comparison with other energies: oil, natural gas, solar + gas and air-water heat pump. Document in German. Debate on forums: comparison of polluting emissions according to the type of heating. Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Combustion [...]