Download: Integrated Agriculture and biodiversity, impacts and policy measures

Integrated Agriculture and Biodiversity: Policy Impacts and Measures Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy High-level Pan-European Conference on Agriculture and Biodiversity to Integrate Biological and Landscape Diversity for Sustainable Agriculture. Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Integrated Agriculture and Biodiversity, [...]

Download: Green Certificates: diet and method of calculating the redemption price of green electricity

The green certificates scheme as part of the opening of the Electricity Market in Wallonia. June document 2003 but still relevant in 2008 Summary and field of green electricity production concerned: • The objectives pursued • The principles of the system of green certificates • The essential notions relating to the Decree- The principle of calculation of the [...]

Biofuel: pellets standards and properties and pellets and agropellets

The quality of solid biofuels. This document relates to pellets: pellets and pellets: granules of agricultural origin (cereals, cakes ...) Conference support by Michaël Temmerman, CRA-W and Olivier Hecq, CRA-W (Walloon Agricultural Research Center: http / / Conference held during the 4th Biomass Meeting "What resources for biofuels of the [...]