Life after oil

by Jean-Luc Wingert (Author), Jean Laherrère (Preface). 238 pages. Publisher: Editions Autrement (February 25, 2005) Presentation While the world quantities of oil consumed are more and more important, those which are discovered are less and less: currently, we discover each year two to three times less oil than [...]

The total capitalism

Jean Peyrelevade 93 pages Publisher: Seuil (October 7, 2005) Presentation Modern capitalism is organized like a gigantic limited company. Basically, three hundred million shareholders control almost all of the world's market capitalization. Often mature, of higher education, with a relatively high level of income, they entrust half of their […]

Biofuels of the future of 2ieme and 3ieme generation (unconventional)

Unconventional biofuels in Belgium. By Olivia Schoeling / Valbiom. Synthesis document on the biofuels of the future known as 2th and XNIXXth generation. Topics: lignocellulose, pyrolysis, (direct) liquefaction, gasification, biochemical processes of biomass transformation, lignocellulosic ethanol, biogas, butanol, BtL of fats, hydrogen, microalgae, pilot plants in the world. Document of [...]