Download: Experimental set boiler or burner process Pantone

Pre-study of an experimental boiler assembly based on Pantone technology. Key words: boiler, assembly, experiments, Pantone process, analysis, hypotheses, observations, improvements Introduction The P.Pantone GEET process was the subject of a final study project carried out at Ensais to obtain of the ENSAIS engineering diploma in mechanical energy. We will not present the [...]

Download: Invention Patent improving the operation of catalytic reformer embedded or not

Patent TitleDispositif improving the operation of physicochemical reactors used upstream of energy conversion systems and in particular thermal engines Keywords: Reforming, reforming, cracking, cracking, vapocraking, catalytic cracking, thermal cracking, catalyst, fuel cell, hydrogen, synthesis, oxygenation, autothermal, exothermic, endothermic. Patent number: FR2858364 Inventors: Martz [...]

Download: Doctoral thesis: evolution of particles in the exhaust of a diesel engine according to the parameters and type of fuel

Composition and evolution of the particulate species emitted at the exhaust of a diesel engine according to the engine parameters and the nature of the fuel. PhD thesis of Pierre and Marie Curie University. Supported the 17 December 2002 Presented by: Karine LOMBAERT This thesis studies in particular the effect of the water on the polluting emissions and the [...]