Economic growth without environmental pollution?

Can developing countries be allowed to pollute as much as we, rich countries, have polluted? Before being partially engulfed by the flood of rain that flooded 75% of the Indonesian capital in early February, Jakarta had already had its share of bad news. One of them, which concerns air pollution, would make the flood almost enviable: according to [...]

Global warming and capitalism ...

Global warming, nuclear energy and environmental issues are constantly on the agenda. A number of "ecologists" - such as Nicolas Hulot - claim that environmental issues transcend class struggle and the opposition between rich and poor. Balivernes! The ecological problems, and the potential environmental disaster that we face, [...]

Do you

Portal Environment, developed by Recyconsult, brings together 13 specific websites dedicated to the environment and sustainable development to enable everyone, according to his expectations, to quickly and efficiently access the information he needs. This set of sites is the ideal tool to support Internet users throughout their environmental journey. The gate […]