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Are you discovering the Econologie.com site for the first time? This page explains the structure of the econologie.com site and the various things that you could find there in order to facilitate your navigation. The site is divided into 3 main parts: this information portal, forums and an eco-friendly shop a) The information portal […]

Radical reactions and cracking

Radical reactions in the Pantone reactor. by PG doctor of oceanography. Find out more: forum on the understanding of the pantone engine and water doping Introduction. The radical reactions take place following the excitation of an electron of an atom which passes to the singlet state (s2 or s1) then to the more stable triplet state (T1) […]

Ionization of the water vapor

Synthesis document on the electrification-ionization of water vapor applied to the Pantone process in water doping. By J. Rochereau. Keywords: QED, DEQ, Quantum Electro Dynamics, Radiation, UV, Sonoluminescence, water doping, heat engine efficiency, ionization, hydroxyl, hydronium. Introduction Here is a document of my own to offer an explanation for the drop in consumption observed […]

Explanation water doping in engines: ionization of the water vapor

A credible and interesting explanation for Gillier-Pantone water doping by the ionization of water vapor? Theory written by Julien Rochereau (ISAT) in January 2007. New version in December 2007. In short, the explanation proposed for development is based on a reduction in consumption only produced by the action of water vapor on the [...]

Definition of the water injection

Explanations and hypotheses around the Pantone engine. Keywords: modification, montage, pantone, scientist, science, understanding. This section of the site will be exclusively devoted to a synthesis of the various scientific hypotheses that can be made around the Pantone process. If you don't know what the Pantone engine or process is, we strongly recommend that you read […]

Barrel of oil: OPEC will go up the course!

After falling by almost 14% since the beginning of the year, crude prices stabilized Friday around 53 dollars per barrel. An emergency meeting of the cartel is not excluded if their retreat was to increase in the coming days. Unacceptable. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will remain [...]