The SNCF Ecocalculator not so green it?

For a few days, SNCF has been offering an Eco-comparator to compare costs and discharges in 2 CO3 means of transport: the train (of course), the plane and the car. If the basic idea is laudable and even very good, the results unfortunately seem commercially oriented, worse they give false ideas to consumers not [...]

ideal inclination of the solar panels

Find the optimal inclination of your solar panel.

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The inclination of your solar panels will depend on their thermal output year and therefore their financial profitability, so it is important not to neglect this aspect.

Adjust the position of the panels [...]

Ecocalculator SNCF

SNCF in partnership with ADEME, has introduced its eco-comparison site, which is a very interesting tool to compare prices for a trip based on different means of transport (train, plane, car), but also and especially the issue of CO2 travel associated.