Two Diesel bikes coming soon?

Two diesel motorcycles could soon be marketed. 1) The ecorider: a small single-cylinder diesel utility motorcycle. Learn more about the EcoRider. 2) A model Neanders Motors Custom, more "serious" (a "real" motorcycle 100 CV and 20 daNm), powered by a Turbo Diesel double linkage. Learn more about this Custom Diesel.

Server: problems solved

The majority of server issues are now resolved. All the features of the site, the econological shop and the forums are now restored but there may be some small bugs, do not hesitate to tell us about it forum dedicated to this. We took the opportunity to write a tutorial about the [...]


Our download pages are made up of various files concerning econology, that is to say either energy or pollution or the preservation of the environment (in all their forms). Access to downloads is reserved for members subscribed to the Newsletter. How to download a file on By going to the downloads page or by using […]

Ranking on

Today 26 August 2006, the Kyot-home program has more than 200 registered, thank you. For the occasion we have added new ranking features. When you log in, you will see in the box on the right a new option "ranking" that allows you to see in real time the annual broadcast of members of Kyot-home. [...]

Technical issues with the server

During a maintenance operation, the server suffered a major technical problem Thursday around noon and to be physically cut. The site, the forums and the shop were therefore completely inaccessible from Thursday noon to Saturday during the afternoon. This reactivation is nevertheless temporary: many pages and functions do not work [...]

The properties of water

Generalized 3 articles and a .pdf on the properties of water (click to read): 1) Generalities and curiosities of water2) Physical and chemical properties of water3) Isotopes and molecular structure of 4 waterXNUMX) Synthesis on the molecular organization and cluster theory (clusters) of the water molecule. The properties of water on the [...]

Permafrost or permafrost

Warming: Permafrost at Risk Up to 90% of the permafrost in the polar regions of Canada, Russia and Alaska could disappear by 2100 due to global warming, much sooner, in fact, than researchers have so far predicted. This is revealed by a study by the American research center […]

solar stirling engine Sthelio

Presentation of a prototype solar Striling engine project: the STHELIO This project was carried out by the Physics Engineering department of the University of Clermont-Ferrand. Project Team: 42 students in Physical Engineering / Teachers in the Physical Engineering sector. Duration of the study: September 2003 to May 2005 Partners: ANVAR, ADEME, ENERIA, Four Solaire Développement, […]

Solar Energy: current folder

Online release of the first part of the solar energy file. Click on the title to read the article. Available articles: 1) Introduction and definition.2) French map of the sun. 3) Solar thermal.4) Solar photovoltaic.5) Solar mechanical (or thermodynamic) .6) Example of solar mechanics: a solar Stirling engine.7) Solar energy "condensed" .8) Cold solar air conditioning.9) [...]

Download: Heat waves in France, executive summary

Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of the French face the heat wave during the summer 2005. A national heat wave plan was put in place for deaths related to the heat wave of 2003. This plan includes a program of information of the population on the precautions to be taken in case of heat wave. A study of knowledge, attitudes and behaviors [...]

Download: Solar photovoltaic: integrated systems.

Photovoltaic systems integrated into the building. The integration of PV systems into the home and their direct connection to the electricity grid is a growing solution that opens up new opportunities, other than the sole generation of electricity, for the use of solar energy in countries developed. 5 summary document CEA pages. Download the […]