A solar nanomotor

Chemists at the University of Bologna, in collaboration with researchers at the University of California, have developed Sunny, a clean, nano-sized motor that works with sunlight. This system, which transforms solar energy into mechanical energy, is composed of two molecules, one in the form of a ring, which slides along the [...]

Large coal reserves in the North Sea

Last summer, students from the University of Science and Technology of Trondheim (NTNU) analyzed data from 600 wells drilled in the Norwegian continental shelf in the North Sea. Their calculations show that 3000 billion tons of coal are buried off the Norwegian coast. Most of the reserves are [...]

PrestaShop store 1.6 econological

Why the econological shop?

Here are some questions you might ask yourself about the href = https: //www.econologie.com/shop/ target = _blank> econological boutique

Why a shop?

It is the observation that alternative products to the over-consumption society remain too discreet that has spurred the idea of ​​offering certain "econological" products for sale. So you will find [...]

Launch of Boutique econology.

With the store Econologie, concretize your convictions! Econologie.com has just opened a section "shop" to finally offer you products corresponding to the "philosophy" of our site. It is the logical continuation of our approach: since 3 years, econologie.com does everything to disseminate the information, engage the debate and provoke the [...]