Download: WaterCell: Torch and water engine?

Video of Fox News (the Bush group chain) featuring a water-based oxy-cutting torch. Attention there is really nothing new or innovative with this technology: the gas of Brown but especially the hydrogen torch chemist Irvin Langmuir (Nobel 1932) did the same a long time ago ... with [...]

The greenhouse effect

We talk about it almost every day in the media, but what exactly is the Greenhouse Effect? - What are the actors involved in this effect? ​​- How to quantify and classify greenhouse gases (in other words, which ones are the most responsible ...)

The Sustainable Development Week

For the 4ieme year, Sustainable Development Week begins the 29 May to extend until June 4. A way to encourage citizens, communities and businesses to change their habits to save the planet and the climate. The concept, from the Earth Summit in Rio 1992, seems better known to the general public [...]

Sustainable Development Week

Sustainable Development Week

One way to encourage citizens, communitiest companies to change their habits to save the planet and the climate.

The concept, which emerged from the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, seems to be better known to the general public: it is about combining economic growth, social progress and environmental preservation.

"In 2002, only 9% of French people knew about [...]

Econology goes international

No hostile takeover bid or foreign extension proposal from but we have simply added automatic translation links from the site to the following languages: - English-German-Spanish-Russian-Chinese-Portuguese-Dutch Click the corresponding flag at the top left of the site to translate the site in the corresponding language (the [...]

When Renault Sport injected water ...

In 1983, Renault Sport injected water for the first time on its 1 Turbocompact Formulas. This allowed the engines a power gain (+ 50% in 4 years) by an increase of the boost pressure. In fact, this pressure was previously limited by destructive rattling phenomena that the injection of water decreased. [...]