A first bioethanol production plant

The first UK bioethanol plant will be located in Henstridge, Somerset, South West England. This plant will be built and operated by Green Spirit Fuels, the leading bioethanol company in the UK. This refinery will produce bioethanol from locally sourced grains and will supply the biofuel to [...]

Chernobyl and his dead, the impossible truth

Studies on the health scale of the Chernobyl disaster divide. Exaggerated or minimized, they serve the objectives of anti and pro-nuclear. The only certainty is that there is no comprehensive sanitary condition report since the explosion. On the eve of the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the controversy over its health consequences has [...]

Darwin's nightmare on Arte Monday night

Do not miss the broadcast of this excellent documentary broadcast Monday 24 Avril on Arte. The paradoxes of globalization through the example of the Nile perch trade around Lake Victoria. This film event was a huge success in cinemas in 2005. After its broadcast, its director, Hubert Sauper, will participate [...]

China: Chinese eco-cities

First eco-cities in China Confronted with the problems caused by the consequences of their strong growth, pollution and strong growth in energy demand, the Chinese authorities seem to have been seduced by their visit, in February 2005, to the Bedzed eco-village. The mixed company Shanghai Industrial Investment Corporation (SIIC) has signed a multi-billion […]

AdBlue antinox

AdBlue: an additive to pollute less Keywords: pollution, reduction, NOx, nitrogen dioxide, anti-nox, denox. In the same way as for passenger cars, heavy goods vehicles must comply with increasingly stringent anti-pollution standards. AdBlue technology allows Diesel trucks to reduce their nitrogen oxide emissions. On time […]

Jobs Sustainable Development

Is sustainable development a source of jobs in Europe? The strong development potential of renewable energies in Europe and more particularly in France should create many jobs. The only remaining doubt concerns the support that political decisions will bring to consolidate this development. Didier Mayer, president of the European Renewable Energy Council, said in an interview with […]