1939-2005 Oil Press Review

Keywords: press, article, archives, Mattéi affair, petroleum, oil tankers, gas,, oil war, collusion, inventions, alternatives Press review provided by a regular at econologie.com gathering press clippings over a longer period 60 years old. Subject dealt with in the document a) Fossil resources b) The "business" of oil tankers c) The […]

The wind in photos

Keywords: wind turbine, wind turbines, photo, photography, park, location, database. The photos on this page are from The Wind Power The Wind Power? What is that ? The Wind Power is a database of wind turbines and wind farms around the world. It contains many galleries […]

The M3, it's over!

The 23 Mars 2006, the top board of the US Federal Bank (the famous EDF) will stop the publication of the M3 monetary aggregate. Monetary Aggregate is a class of currency and liquid assets, in this case US dollars. In other words, "we" will not know exactly how many dollars are in circulation in [...]