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The survey on the Kyot'Home program (whose results said that 80% of visitors simply did not know this program ...) gives way to a more general survey of your interests compared to your visit to this site. So we thank you in advance for answering the following question "You have arrived [...]

The intoxication of power

The exhilaration of power Technical information: French film. Genre: Drama. Release date: February 22, 2006 Directed by Claude Chabrol With Isabelle Huppert, François Berléand, Patrick Bruel Duration: 1h 50min. Year of production: 2005 Synopsis Jeanne Charmant Killman, investigating judge, is responsible for unraveling a complex case of concussion and embezzlement […]

Thematic meeting on Pure Plant Oils

Pure vegetable oil (HVP), a liquid biofuel like ethanol and diester (thus included in the list of biofuels of the European directive 2003 / 30 / CE) is used, like diester, in mixture or substitution. diesel. The "pure vegetable oil" sector (sunflower, rapeseed, etc.) also allows the development of a protein rich food supplement. [...]

Public regulation and environment. Ecological questions economic answers

Public regulation and environment. Ecological questions economic answers Yannick Rumpala March 2003 - L'Harmattan - collection Logiques politiques 374 pages What becomes of environmental concerns when they are taken care of by public authorities? The turn of the 1980s and 1990s marked in France an apparent widening of the audience for these concerns, although […]

Earth disease

Hubert Reeves Format: Paperback - 260 pages - Publisher: Seuil (April 1, 2003) Our planet is bad: global warming, depletion of natural resources, soil and water pollution caused by civil and war industries, disparity of wealth, human malnutrition, staggering extinction rate of living species, etc. Is the situation […]

Energy, ecology, economy

Pillet & T. Odum 257 pages (July 30, 1998) The authors try to find a methodical passage between ecology and economy (econology?). The vector they use is that of energy. Rather technical oriented, the economic point of view is not neglected by the authors. Ecology comments Excellent introduction to eco-energy analysis and […]

When Science said: it's impossible

Collective of author Paperback - 159 pages (1999) Abstract A philosopher, three scientists and an illustrator present here twelve impossibilities: mathematical, physical, biological, etc. A fruitful reflection on the nature of science and its limits Comments on econology Reflections on scientific thought and dogmatism which, by definition, cannot exist! “Hundreds of experiences are […]