Coal as an alternative to oil

A French report states that increased use of coal as an alternative source of energy to oil is possible, provided that technology advances to control the greenhouse gases it releases. Read more Econological note: it is coal that will probably be retained to replace the German nuclear fleet.

New: Documentaries and films

Opening of a new section on the site entitled "Documentaries and Films". You will find, regularly, documentary and film presentations, with possibility of downloading or buying the work. To begin, we present you the following works: Documentary on the HVB by 6clones The free energy (documentary) The madness of the men ([...]

The free energy

Extract from a video on Free Energy (Odyssey 1998) These videos are only accessible to members. Click here to find out how to become a member. Here are 3 extracts from a video on an extremely sensitive subject: free energy, also called energy at absolute zero or vacuum energy. The excess energy observed in certain inventions is called free energy. [...]

BlueCar Electric Car

During road tests of his electric car BlueCar, 24 January 2006, Ergué-Gabéric (29), Vincent Bolloré announced the construction of a factory near Quimper for the industrial production of the electric battery developed by his BatScap subsidiary (80% Bolloré, 20% EDF). A hundred jobs would be key. Road [...]

Mobile phones, danger? All guinea pigs?

Mobile phones, Danger? Documentary on the risks of Electromagnetic Waves from mobile telephony, with Jean-Pierre Lentin in particular It is one of the very first documentary on the danger of waves, produced in the early 2000s. Keywords: relay antenna, mobile phone, danger , health, precautionary principle, health study. The major French TV channels […]

Darwin's Nightmare

Darwin's nightmare Technical information: French, Austrian, Belgian documentary film. Release date: March 02, 2005 Directed by Hubert SauperDuration: 1h 47min. Original title: Darwin's nightmare Summary The shores of the largest tropical lake in the world, considered to be the cradle of humanity, are today the scene of the worst nightmare of globalization. In […]

The folly

La folie des hommes Technical information: French, Italian film. Genre: DramaDate of release: November 27, 2002With Michel Serrault, Daniel Auteuil, Laura MoranteDuration: 1h 56min.Original title: Vajont Summary In 1959, in the Vajont valley, the biggest dam in Europe must be built. fifties under the […]