2006: one of the hottest years in the history of modern meteorology!

2006 only confirms the global warming of the planet.

More than 45 degrees on January 1 in Sydney, 60 km000 less sea ice in the Arctic: the 2 results of the World Meteorological Organization confirms global warming.

The year 2006 is “for the planet, the 6th hottest year, the 4th for the northern hemisphere and the 2nd for France” declared the Secretary General of the WMO, Michel Jarraud. And for 2007, especially because of the El Nino phenomenon in the Pacific, even higher temperatures are expected.

Consequences: tropical storms, floods, droughts, especially in Africa and rising sea levels will increase.

Big source of concern: this winter, the phenomenon seems global and not regional.

This phenomenon is therefore not linked to local pollution, urban islands or the disruption of the Gulf Stream (whose thermal power is approximately equivalent to 1 million nuclear reactors, etc.).

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Source: WMO et Warming up in Australia

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