Summary on fuel oils

The Pure vegetable oil industry, a clean fuel for the 21st century! by Yves Lubraniecki Introduction Humanity faces, among other things, three dangers: the greenhouse effect, the extreme poverty of certain countries and the end of oil. It is already too late to react. However, today, the only energy sector capable of bringing […]

The fuel cell is not for tomorrow

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the production of the fuel cell is not for tomorrow. There are still two major problems. The first being its cost. At close to 20 000 $ per kilowatt of energy produced, 20 would have to divide this price to produce this type of energy on a regular basis. The second […]

Floods paralyze Western Sahara

EL AYOUN (AFP, 24 / 12 / 05) - The region of El Ayoun, capital of Western Sahara, is practically paralyzed and isolated from southern Morocco because of torrential rains that hit it at the beginning of the week, We learned Saturday of consistent sources. Many roads are cut in particular, we learn from the same sources. Residents of El Ayoun [...]

2005: a dark year for insurers!

According to still preliminary estimates provided by Swiss Re, natural and technical disasters resulted in total damages of some 225 billion USD, including insured losses estimated at 80 billion USD. More seriously, more than 112 000 people have lost their lives so far including 90% in Asia. Recall, that in [...]

Happy Holidays

Christophe and the econology team wish you a happy new year and a very happy new year 2006. Review of the year 2005: a) Concerning this site, it is more than positive since the visits were multiplied by 4 between January 2005 and December 2005 and this is thanks to each one of you! [...]

and catalytic heavy metal pots

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have detected for the first time the presence in the atmosphere of toxic metals from automobile catalytic converters. The study conducted by Swedish researchers in collaboration with the MIT and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has revealed high concentrations of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and [...]

Water injection engines: historical

Online release of a document on the history of water injection tests by the first engine manufacturers. This document is very instructive because the experiments described have many similarities with the current arrangements of water doping. Nevertheless, we were able to identify some inconsistencies in the document. We have specified these different remarks to the [...]

History of water injection in diesel engines

History of water injection into engines by the first engine engineers (who already understood everything!) Keywords: engine, water, injection, performance, pollution, CO2, consumption, Rudolf Diesel, Pierre Clerget, Paul Sabatier ( chemist and French Nobel Prize winner), Yvan Makhonine History of water injection in Thermal Engines Document presenting water injection works on […]