Renewable Energies: True or False Debate?

"Renewable Energies: True or False Debate? »The 16 November 2005 8H45 A 18H00Salle Sénhal Hall (17, rue de Rémusat in Toulouse) Each year, a day of exchanges and reflections is organized by the COPRAE (Regional Council of Environmental Associations) Here is the program of the day: 8h45: Welcoming participantsMr. Birol, President of COPRAE9h00: Opening of [...]

Hydrogen rips the ozone layer.

Researchers discover a bad default more to hydrogen According to researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), the generalization of the hydrogen engine would cause an expansion of the hole in the ozone layer. And this, because of unavoidable gas leaks that it would generate. While many are doubting that this [...]

Attack of forum : details.

As you probably know the forum was attacked on Sunday 23 October 2005 in the afternoon. It was a javascript virus that made navigation impossible on the forum and automatically redirected to porn or distraction sites. Apparently there was no risk of serious infection of visitors except adware ... but I [...]

Involuntary discovery

The light of the future will not be in light bulbs ... This is the conclusion that could be drawn from this information: An accidental discovery of a student of the Vanderbilt University, Michael Bowers, which could allow to create white light LEDs using crystals of a few nanometers that contain about 33 pairs of atoms. [...]

After the industrial era, nothing?

The industrial era has entered its critical phase. The process of gradual decline is already well underway in 2005, and in a few years the industrial era will stop, meaning that industrial facilities of all kinds can not continue. The threat to energy supplies irreparably condemns existing industrial infrastructures [...]