Launching Kyot'Home

by J.Lefebvre and C.Martz With the Kyot'Home program, goes to practice! Since this site is based on the idea that "ecology" and "the economy" can be reconciled, we propose you to practice with Kyot'Home, by reaching, on your own, the European objectives of the Kyoto Protocol ... and by making serious [...]

Tractor doped on France2

Small report on a tractor doped in the aveyron on the 7h JT of France2. Once again the term pantone was "forgotten" and of course it's a discovery of the farmer himself. Nothing is said either about the presence of the plans on the Internet and the community of experimenters that has formed around [...]

Algae "biofuel"

In the context of climate change and soaring oil prices, biofuels are now presented as a sustainable energy alternative. Research is currently taking place on microscopic algae which are particularly rich in oils and whose yield per hectare is much better than that of sunflower or rapeseed. [...]

The Day the Earth nearly disappeared

Saturday night on Arte, an emission on the mass extinction of the Permian was broadcast. Much has been questioned about the reasons for the disappearance of the dinosaurs about 63 million years ago. It is often unknown that a much more serious crisis took place at the end of the Permian period, there is [...]

Peace Through Water

The fight against desertification, hunger, thirst and exploitation of poor countries rich in mineral and agricultural resources, begins with the creation of four inland seas from four land depressions.

1-channel and Kattara Sea south-west of El Alamein, ground depression of minus 432 below sea level and area of ​​5700 kms2.

Kattara Canal While digging a [...]