Europe's guidelines on biofuels

Keywords: European directive, law, biofuels, energy, taxes, Europe Here are the texts of the European directives defining the use of biofuels in Europe and in France: - Directive 2003/30 of May 8, 2003 aiming to promote the use of biofuels or other renewable fuels in transport. Click here to download. It is this directive, favorable to development […]

Reorganization: HVB and biofuels

We have separated all the articles concerning Raw Vegetable Oils from the "Biofuels" section. Indeed; the HVB becoming more and more important in this section (more than 50% of the articles), we think that this will improve the navigation on the site. Many other articles on biofuels are in progress [...]

The reasons for soaring oil ...

How does one explain such an explosion in oil prices? First of all it is necessary to establish a difference between the short and the long term. Some analysts say that if prices are rising, it's because there is no more oil. However, if they are blazing today, it is because a hurricane devastates the Gulf of [...]

Petrolo-dependence: withdrawal tracks

Transport, plastic, heating, black gold is everywhere, not always essential. Exploring some alternatives for detoxification. A barrel of crude at high price is there to "last," acknowledged mid-August Dominique de Villepin. "We lived for a century and a half with abundant and cheap energy. It's probably over. It's not […]

Pantone imprisoned!

Dear friend, I regret to inform you that Mr PANTONE has been incarcerated for about ten days. We do not joke in the United States. Hard to know at this stage if it is a problem of bankruptcy or if its patents spoil certain financial interests. Claude Econology Note: Before you do [...]

François Loos: drive at 115 instead of 130km / h

François Loos at the "Parisien": driving at 115km / h instead of 130 on the motorway makes it possible to offset the rise in oil The Minister of Industry François Loos invites the French to "make a gesture" to "consume less oil", like "for example" to drive at 115km / h instead of 130 on motorway, he explains in an interview with [...]

Floods in Germany

Floods in Germany Wednesday 24 August 2005 - 12: 52 German soldiers cross, feet in the water, the city of Neu-Ulm, in southern Bavaria, on Wednesday. Since Monday, Germany is in turn flooded after Switzerland, Austria and the French Alps. According to German television, the floods could be larger than those [...]

Ice oil

Global warming in the Arctic (and Siberia): a good deal for oil (and gas) Global warming does not only have drawbacks ... indeed; it will “allow” the exploitation of new areas or the establishment of new trade routes such as the Northwest Passage. The global warming observed in recent years in the Arctic worries many people […]

CITEPA: inventory of air pollutant emissions in France. sectoral sets and extensive analysis

Inventory of air pollutant emissions in France, sector series and extended analyzes. As part of the inventories carried out under the CORALIE program, this report presents an update of air emissions for metropolitan France according to the "SECTEN" format defined by CITEPA and aimed at restoring emissions according to [...]