Reorganization: HVB and biofuels

We have separated all the articles concerning Raw Vegetable Oils from the "Biofuels" section. Indeed; the HVB becoming more and more important in this section (more than 50% of the articles), we think that this will improve the navigation on the site. Many other articles on biofuels are in progress [...]

The reasons for soaring oil ...

How does one explain such an explosion in oil prices? First of all it is necessary to establish a difference between the short and the long term. Some analysts say that if prices are rising, it's because there is no more oil. However, if they are blazing today, it is because a hurricane devastates the Gulf of [...]

Petrolo-dependence: withdrawal tracks

Transport, plastic, heating, black gold is everywhere, not always essential. Exploring some alternatives for detoxification. A barrel of crude at high price is there to "last," acknowledged mid-August Dominique de Villepin. "We lived for a century and a half with abundant and cheap energy. It's probably over. It's not […]

Pantone imprisoned!

Dear friend, I regret to inform you that Mr PANTONE has been incarcerated for about ten days. We do not joke in the United States. Hard to know at this stage if it is a problem of bankruptcy or if its patents spoil certain financial interests. Claude Econology Note: Before you do [...]