Act of war: a reality game?

"Secretly, a group of oil owners known as the Consortium is funding an international terrorist organization to destabilize the global economy and take advantage of the rising price of black gold ..." Here is the summary of Act of War: Direct Action, a recently released strategy video game. Sénario and careful realization, here are the [...]

The cheap oil era ...

by Yves Cochet Daily or weekly fluctuations in the price of a barrel of crude on the New York market are due to a multitude of very different factors of origin and scope. Commentators usually cite OPEC flows, the state of American trading stocks, the weather, speculators, terrorism, the weakness of the [...]

ITER: Much ado about nothing?

By Claude Allègre The installation in Cadarache of the nuclear fusion reactor would be bad news for our research The president proudly announced that France would beat Japan and obtain the site of the experimental reactor of the future, which would be installed in Cadarache (Bouches-du-Rhône). And everyone to rejoice, especially in [...]

CFLs and environment

Publication of a document on the environmental impact of energy saving light bulbs. Excerpt: "Newer, more compact lamps with luminous properties adapted to domestic lighting have made their breakthrough in recent years in the homes.All these light sources use a very small dose of metallic mercury, enclosed in the envelope [...]

Light bulbs and environment

Here is a brief study on the environmental impact of new so-called energy saving bulbs. Keywords: light bulbs, economy, energy, pollution, electricity, compact fluorescent, waste, treatment, impact, nature Introduction Fluorescent tubes, incorrectly called "neon tubes", compact fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps (for lighting public) belong to the family […]

Solar installations for everyone

Solarstrom AG of Freiburg im Breisgau, together with the Berlin-based company Solon, will install by the end of the year the largest solar field in the world north of Wurzburg (north of Bavaria). A total of 1500 small solar power plants, from a power of 7 to 10 kilowatts, will be installed on an area of ​​77 hectares. [...]

France will transpire

If the mean temperature on the surface of the planet has risen from 0,6 ° C in a century, the oceans warm up much more slowly than the continents. Europe, in particular, is experiencing a fairly high temperature rise. What about our country? France has already won 1 ° C, that is one and a half times [...]

Pure vegetable oil ... again!

Online publication of 2 articles concerning the French and European law with respect to this renewable energy source that are Pure Plant Oils. 1) An article on the Agricultural Orientation Law which allows under certain strict conditions the use of the HVP Read article 2) A page on the modification of the customs code [...]

The LOA on HVP

The agricultural orientation law and the commercial code Keywords: pure, crude vegetable oil, HVP, HVB, law, europe, directive. Does France have the right to prohibit its farmers from selling fuel oil? The draft agricultural orientation law would authorize the use of pure vegetable oil as an agricultural fuel, but only on the farm […]

Pure vegetable oil and downloads

1) Uploading an excellent document by Yves LUBRANIÉCKI (Nancy - FRANCE) about the vegetable oil sector. It is a real advocacy for the intelligent development of this renewable energy source. Download this document (members only) 2) Due to accessibility problem, we have modified the page [...]