Embedded reforming reactor Martz-Salelles

Title of patent (s): Device improving the operation of physico-chemical transformation reactors used upstream of energy conversion systems and in particular of thermal engines Keywords: Reforming, reforming, cracking, cracking, vapocraking, catalytic cracking, cracking thermal, catalyst, fuel cell, hydrogen, synthesis, oxygenation, autothermal, exothermic, endothermic. Patent number: […]

Hot in front

More than two hundred Antarctic glaciers are retreating due to global warming. The BAS (British Antarctic Survey) experts have found this by studying 2 000 aerial photos taken since the 40 years and a hundred satellite photos. The temperature of this sixth continent has thus increased by 2 ° C in half a century. [...]

PEMFC battery tests in Mie prefecture

In Mie prefecture (Western Japan), demonstration tests of PEMFC batteries start one after the other. In collaboration with Toshiba Fuel Cell Power System, Cosmo Oil installed a 700W PEMF battery using LPG as a hydrogen source in a recreational area of ​​Yokkaichi City. Idemitsu Kosan [...]

France: the 2005-2006 sun plan

Plan Soleil 2005-2006 - The solar water heater, champion of energy saving, ADEME, 27/04/05 Since 2000, date of its launch, Plan Soleil has created the conditions for a solar market dynamic and sustainable thermal: development of an efficient professional sector (manufacturers and installers of the QUALISOL network) based on quality products adapted to […]

Guide to geothermal systems

Uploading a Canadian geothermal choice and purchase guide (heat pumps). Very dialectical, this document allows, among other things to make a comparative quote and calculate the depreciation of your (future?) Installation. Download the "Residential Geothermal Systems Buyer's Guide" ps: this download is for [...]

Download: Residential Geothermal Systems Buyer's Guide

This Canadian paper is intended to help the reader make the decision to purchase and install a geothermal system, including heat pump systems. It contains, among other things, aids for technological choices, quotations and depreciation calculations ... Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Buyer's Guide to [...]

Solar thermal

Publication of an article on solar thermal energy in France. By Bernard Reynier, Physicist Engineer of the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. Content: the French delay, the potential, the brakes and the steps to take ... A brief article on the storage of thermal energy is also on the page. Read the article

Pantone process: developments

After the publication of some articles in the French-language media and being a French-speaking precursor of the process, I would like to make a small update on this process. Intellectual protection In the case of doping with water, it is logically wrong to speak of "Pantone" process. Not only does Pantone's patent not [...]

Portugal flares up again

Portugal has experienced one of the worst droughts in decades. More than 200 Portuguese firefighters and a single helicopter water bomber fought Tuesday against a major forest fire that occurred the day before the city of Alhada (center). The fire, of undetermined origin, has resulted in the temporary closure of the nearby motorway and many [...]