hydropneumatic energy storage

Hydropneumatic energy storage Suppose I own a wind turbine (or other energy source) and want to be autonomous using only ecological means at the individual or national level, we have to face the peaks of consumption. The system I propose uses only air and water: [...]

Chambrin process: press review

At a time when many articles about the Pantone process appear in different official media, we would like to remind you of the Chambrin process. This process was invented by Jean Chambrin in the early 1970, ie during the oil crisis. Mr Chambrin is an engineer and garage mechanic in Rouen. His process allowed, [...]

Pantone process: press review

The articles on the Pantone process, used in water doping in particular, are becoming more numerous. With the head, an article in the very serious: "France Agricole". All this is beneficial for the process but attention: some aspects make "oil tasks" (no pun intended). Indeed; he […]

The slowdown of the gulf Stream?

The two Arctic engines operating the Gulf Stream are showing signs of weakness. A heating failure in Europe is therefore becoming clear, despite global warming. "The chimneys have almost all disappeared!" With his mouth like an old sea bass, Peter Wadhams has certainly had to face serious grains during his existence […]

Billions of dollars evaporated in the caps

The verdict is cold in the back. The annual report of the Transportation Institute of the University of Texas concludes that, in the United States, traffic jams have cost 2003 a staggering $ 63 billion in lost time and over-consumption. Every American who travels during rush hours loses an average of 47 hours [...]

Two conferences in Nantes

We are announcing the holding of 2 "Curious Physics" lectures at the CNAM of Nantes from 31 May to 07 June 1) Tuesday 31 May to 19h. What energies in 2050? By Jacques FOOS (Doctor of Sciences, Professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, holder of the Chair Radiation, Isotopes and Applications, Director of the [...]

A car with liquid nitrogen is old but still effective.

A car with liquid nitrogen Anti-pollutant, economical, safe: a prototype vehicle running on liquid nitrogen offers many promises. United States 05 / 08 / 1997 - Apprenticeship engineers at the University of Washington have just developed a car that carbides with liquid nitrogen. According to them, their prototype would be less polluting and safer than cars [...]