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The site is currently experiencing some "pretty serious" operating problems. (the "database" seems corrupted) Downloads are, for example, inaccessible for some unknown reason. Similarly with some reactions in the pages ... We advise you in this case to use the forum : Hoping that we will succeed in putting all this back [...]

calorific wood and biofuels

Here are the different heat capacities of the most common biofuels:

words keys: ICP, calorific value, biofuel, straw, wood, briquettes, chips, wood boiler, cereals, agricultural waste

Characteristics are given for the following fuels and for different moisture content:

1) fresh chips from forest
2) Wood chips Stock 1
3) Bark [...]

Pig manure transformed into oil

Oil is too expensive? No problem. Professor Yuanhui Zhang, a biologist at UrbanaChampaign University in Illinois, found the alternative energy: pig manure. The micro-reactor he developed converts the effluents into crude oil. Under the action of heat and pressure, he found the way to [...]

A window to warm up his house

With the University of Strasbourg, an industrialist is launching a solar glazing with promising qualities. "We all have in our house a wall in the sun that will be useless! ". This wall, Jean-Marc Robin proposes to use it. By replacing it by an insulating glazing, coupled with a system of solar energy capture allowing [...]

Proposed green development in Britain

The municipality of Silfiac (Morbihan) will lay in June the first stone of its ecological subdivision, an originality adopted by several Breton municipalities which, to seduce and satisfy newcomers, seek to develop a new life project. "The public lighting will be intelligent and will light up thanks to a presence detector, the lamps will be economically [...]

Save the planet

A few years ago, the first to raise the warning about global warming harbored only sarcasms or, at best, polite indifference. Today, in France, a public body, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe), distributes spots to call on the population to contribute to the fight against [...]

Himalayan glaciers, Asia tanks, bilge threatened

Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were trying today to climb Everest, they would save 5 kilometers of climb on the perilous Khumbu Glacier, which has declined since their feat of 1953. Nicknamed the "water tower of Asia", the Himalayan massif melts its glaciers, under the effect of warming. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), which has [...]

Endangered ecosystems

Experts warn: changes in ecosystems continueworsen and undermine the achievement of overall development goals

World Resources Institute Press Release, 30 / 03 / 05

London, March 2005 - A landmark study published today reveals that about 60% of the services provided by ecosystems and which allow life on earth - [...]